Benefits of doing-ITIL foundation and Prince-2 for a 15+ years of service delivery ?

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Hi Friends,

I have around 15+ years experience in service delivery and operations in a Telecom. I am planning to do ITIL Foundation and Prince-2 certification in coming days. But before that I want to know whether doing these two certifications, would actually going to add any value in my CV ?

Or I should do something else to make my CV a better one. As I am looking for a change in profile.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance.


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    Maybe it's dependent on the country that you're in. The 15+ years of experience will come through and show itself in interviews so if I were in your shoes I wouldn't stress too much. The Certifications or lack thereof may determine whether or not you get called up to the interviews in the first place, that's the trick! They also help cement your CV in showing that you really understand the theory as well as the "practice" but from what you have described, you really have nothing to worry about as it is but everything to gain whichever way you choose. Only my perspective though so let's see what everyone else say

    Good luck in both exams
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    Hi ajaytheleo

    Grindz is absolutely correct - although you have lots of experience getting the certifications might help you get to interview. Many employers use recruitment agents to filter CVs, and it could be as simple as rejecting all of those that don't have ITIL Foundation.

    Check the job ads for the type of job you're looking for, and see if they are asking for these certifications. The cost of getting them can be fairly low (studying online, or using books where allowed) so it may be a good investment.

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    I passed ITIL 2011 Foundation and although I have only a couple of years of experience, I absolutely did not regret studying it. ITIL Foundation is an eye opener. You will have a clear idea what everybody should be doing in the company :)
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    I luckily have both and would say they are both great certifications to have.

    I found that ITIL Foundation was noticeably though than PRINCE2, which truth be told neither of these exams are that tough but ITIL made me sweat a little.

    That being said I have worked in a Project environment for a long time having been a contractor for years.
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