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So after taking my CCNA, I am looking for my next certification to pursue. I know I will have to renew my CCNA and I plan on pursuing my CCNP Switch exam to meet this requirement. However, I personally don't want to pursue anything with CompTIA because they are to expensive and not worth it and I already did the CompTIA trio. I am looking at taking the CEH or CISSP as my next security certification. Both exams are going to be around the same price but the CEH has a lot of material already out there for it and the new CISSP doesn't have that much out yet. Keep in mind this will be my first major security certification besides the Security+. I know the WGU masters degree program provides the CEH certification as part of the curriculum but I am not sure if my employer will pay for the Masters degree from WGU. Is this certification worth pursuing at all for self study or is this cert a pass in general?


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    It seems that the CEH is great for introductory and getting you past HR. The OSCP looks like a harder but more practical option as the exam is practical. CEH is more expensive if you use their study options at around $2k and OSCP is around $1k. Personally it depends on your goal. Self study on CEH is an option too at around $500 for the exam but it requires 2 years experience. You can also go the online hacker bootcamp route.

    Are you at a point where you could jump into management? That is where the CISSP shines. If you are early on like under 5 years having some technical security certs will help more.
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    I have little experience in IT. I am still in college. I am finishing my degree from my university next week. I will have a job after I graduate however my employeer won't pay for certifications to my knowledge only graduate school like masters degrees. I personally don't want to do a masters degree just certs. I really don't know which security cert to pursue. I was planning on CISSP but I just like the title of "hacker". Maybe it is just me being immature. Also with the CEH, they have a $100 application fee if I self study to purchase a voucher and that $100 is not refundable. That is risky for me. So I may just pursue the CISSP. But I think the material in the CEH is interesting. I am in no way ready for management.
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    full CISSP requires 5 years of security-related work experience.
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