My turn, Resume Critics assemble... cough srabiee cough

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So I have offered some advice on resumes, I really liked the Philisten template so I used it somewhat (Made some changes) tell me what you think and please critique my grammar, a version of this thing will soon be gracing every single job board on the interwebs.

All sugestions are welcome, thanks in advance,


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    Within the professional summary section:

    Should "Military Professional" be capitalized? Is it a formal title? Not sure about this. Same goes for "Secret Clearance."

    "Infrastructure," "Security," "Information Assurance," and "Government" should not be capitalized.

    "Experienced with a wide variety of technologies to include..." I would suggest changing this to something like "...technologies, which include..."

    The Core Competencies and Technical Proficiencies sections are redundant and should be combined. Better yet...instead of listing a bunch of software, technologies, and protocols, and I would rather you expand upon this information and explain HOW you are proficient in these skills, especially in a business/enterprise environment. Ideally I would recommend that you incorporate this info into your professional experience, and then drop these sections altogether.

    Because you have a good deal of experience, you may want to consider listing the education and certifications sections after the experience section. Try it and see what you think.

    I would change the heading "Professional History" to "Professional Experience." The word "history" makes me think of academia.

    The bullets within the Ft Hood experience section have some font inconsistencies. Looks like two different font types or font sizes being used.

    As mentioned before, pay careful attention to your use of capitalization. Make sure your grammar, punctuation, etc is as academic as possible. Hiring managers do look for this sort of thing.

    Once you get your next revision uploaded I will more closely examine the content of your resume.
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    Mr. MeeseeksMr. Meeseeks Member Posts: 98 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I dont like the layout to the certs section. Can you stack ISC and CompTIA and center it as 2 columns? I think it'll "pop" a little better. Small item, but they add up...
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