Taking CEH soon. guides, tips, information for the new guy and my information!

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Hello Everyone,
I would like to first thank you for allowing me to join and wonderful work from everyone with the information you have provided on this site.
I took my Security+ and ITIL V3 Foundation in 2012, Network+ 2014, ICND1 Feb 2015, ICND2 Mar 2015, CCNA Security Apr 2015, and plan on taking my CEH this month. I have been working in Tech support since 2011 but I am in the Security Ops team for my current job. The items I have so far is:
VTC Videos
CBTnuggets videos
CEH v8 study guide by Sybex.
i will look into Cybary and Skillset.
I originally learned that the AIO was not a good enough book but you guys said otherwise so I will buy that as well. Should there be anything else I should have and use? Boson exam? Do I have to fill out an application first before registering to take my exam through Pearson? What would I need from my employer? Thanks again


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    AIO is a valuable resource IMO, not sure where you read that it isn't?
    Boson is really good as well, harder than the actual exam IMO.

    Your current employer should vouch for your 2 years of experience.
    More info is at eccouncil.org site
    The world chico, and everything in it
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