Typical life cycle of ISACA CISA CISM Forum

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Due to the very nature of these exams, I have observed the following life cycle for this thread:
  1. Users post their exam preparation/anxiety before June/Sep/December exam (a day before DD)
  2. Users post their result anxiety/waiting after June/Sep/December exam (2-3 weeks after DD)
  3. Users post their endorsement anxiety/waiting after passing exams (after applying for endorsement).
For any exam, you cannot eliminate Point#1. There will always be exam anxiety even for the simplest of exam. Some overcome it & some do not share it & some flood this forum with anxiety posts.

With the plethora of CBT exams, point#2 is partially eliminated (Post 15 April 2015 - CISSP exam takers please ignore this, you are going through tough time, we know it!!).

Point#3 is eliminated in PMI & some other exams but in ISACA / ISC2 they allow you to pass the exam and gain experience later on. So this is dependent upon the policy.

ISACA forum will be lively again just a day before exam i.e on the eve of 12 June 2015 and just before the official announcement of exam results i.e. 3 weeks after 13th June 2015. You will see people posting their anxiety and feelings about the waiting. It is "Circle of Life" kind of thing. Then after the official result announcement they will apply for endorsement and again we will see flood of posting. Cycle is repeated for September and December. So January - June (before exam) it is very dry season and almost no posting there.


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    beadsbeads Member Posts: 1,531 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Dig a bit deeper into the reason people fret the exam and endorsement processes so much.

    1.) They have little experience taking these types of exams in the first place. After awhile I became bored no matter what I was taking.

    2.) The people who show the most anxiety are generally the same folks who are the most inexperienced in the field and "need" the pass to show competency in a field they likely haven't ever practiced before. Otherwise why do people really take these exams? Most are trying to break into the field or have a toe-hold on such. Few people take exams to affirm their knowledge. Particularly ISACA exams that you have to go sit in a REALLY big room to take, far, far away.

    I still run into people in both Audit and Security that don't really understand the need to baseline nor can they explain how to baseline in the first place. Some have been "certified" as well. At least my audit coordinator knows he learning to audit.

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