Do the ITX variants, BTX variants and microATX motherboard form factors all [. . .]?

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Hello, everyone.

Do the ITX variants, BTX and microATX motherboard form factors all have the same pin specification of the main power connector of an ATX form-factor motherboard?

I ask because, I'm doing this question in an Exam Cram book I have.:
What voltage does an orange pin indicate?

A. +12 V
B. +5 V
C. –5 V
D. +3.3 V

I know the answer is D, but does this apply to ITX variants, BTX and microATX motherboard form factors as well, just the ATX form factor or what?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Actually, I think the microATX form factor is the same as the ATX form factor except for the dimensions of the board, but I'll just leave it in my question, just in case.

If what I am asking/saying doesn't make sense, please do tell me, because i would like to learn.


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    Yes the standard 24 ATX power pin out is the same, and the wire color codes are universal.

    ATX, Micro ATX, pico ATX, etc all use the same standard power plug/pinout, to allow for universal PSU usage. You're correct that the form factors simply have different dimensions, also orientations of the layout of hardware on the board, BTX dictates that the CPU be on the left side of the board in the middle.

    Hope this answers your questions.
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