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Does anyone have a suggestion for an application to create documentation with? I have been using Problem Steps Recorder on Windows 7 but it refuses to capture Administrative tasks even when it as run as an admin. I do not want to make video tutorials, just documentation that shows my clicks and what I typed with screenshots.



  • seigexseigex Member Posts: 105
    Print Screen + MS Paint + MS Word?

    Sorry, couldn't help it :)
  • seigexseigex Member Posts: 105
    Try running it as administrator, if it's elevated you can probably do administrator tasks with it.

    EDIT: nevermind, i didn't read your post all the way.

    EDIT 2: Just wondering which administrative task you're trying to record? I just tested it with some and it seemed to do OK. But I'm in Win10.
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    Are you referring to documentation that you need to share or just to keep for yourself?

    I personally like using wiki's - I find that it helps me organize notes very cleanly and search for topics. I use MoinMoin. Although recently, I've been thinking about switching to MediaWiki.
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    @Paul: This documentation will be shared with other technical professionals. It doesn't have to be fancy, just efficient.
    @seigex: It is several non-windows applications that have the issue. When they call their processes that require administrative rights, the PSR returns a no screenshot captured for this step message. Also, I normally would use something like Greenshot (Similar to screen cap and mspaint) but I am going on vacation and no one knows what I do to cover for me. So I have a lot of stuff to cover in a short period of time.
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    I think you can edit the recording file and add text for the missing step

    e.g. "In the User Account Control Press Yes"


    Run the application in Hyper-V or vmware to get a screen shot of the message and insert it in the recording file.
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    It doesn't have to be fancy, just efficient.
    In that case, a wiki would be what I would use. It isn't fancy but can be customized in future if you need to be more fanciful. The agility is what I like about wiki's. If you don't want to spend a lot of time setting one up - I suggest using a Turnkey Linux prebuilt VM.

    MediaWiki - Wikipedia's Wiki Engine | TurnKey GNU/Linux - for MediaWiki
    MoinMoin - Wiki Engine | TurnKey GNU/Linux - for MoinMoin
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