70687 and 20687 the same ?

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Are 70687 and 20687 the same exam ?


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    Hi Damien2008,

    In order to qualify for the MCSA, you will need to study and pass two exams; the 70-687 and the 70-688 exam. I recommend you start off by taking the 70-687 exam first as the knowledge from this exam is built upon for the 70-688.

    You can obtain the objectives for the 70-687 exam from this link, https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-us/exam-70-687.aspx and the objectives for 70-688 from this one, https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-us/exam-70-688.aspx .

    Perhaps you might want to take a look at some training videos from either Pluralsight or CBT Nuggets to help you get started?

    Best of luck,

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    I think you are confusing the certification exam with the (optional) Microsoft Official Course. 70-687 is the exam. There is a corresponding 5-day course for that exam with the classification 20687 (plus a suffix A,B,C etc...as far as I know that designates how recent the course is, for example the A and B courses might be for Windows 8, while C and D would be for Windows 8.1)
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