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This is my first post here! icon_thumright.gif
  1. I need honest opinion on my resume. I worked at the same place almost forever doing sales then became the manager. Though I went to a technical school I never bothered with the exams (mistake).
  2. Second, I am completing a BS is Computer Engineering and plan on doing IT while I finish. Is there such a thing as a P/T it job? I am in Miami and I think down here you need to know somebody that knows somebody to get a chance.
Thanks for your input ya'll.



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    Opinions may differ, but I'm not really a fan of objective statements, so I would remove it. The other stuff that really stick out are:

    1. Remove your High School information, you didn't just graduate, and now you have work experience as well as college.
    2. Remove the college GPA. IMO, unless you graduated from some IVY league, most employers won't care about your GPA.
    3. The spacing overall on the resume seems odd, but maybe that's how it looks when uploaded.
    4. This is a big one! You are not using the correct casing on a lot of your certifications and skills, i.e., you're writing 'CompTia', and not 'CompTIA', and 'Vsphere' intead of 'vSphere'. There are more, just giving some examples.
    5. I see a lot of information that's bold under your "PROJECTS" section, I would remove that.

    There is more, but work calls.
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    Thanks for the taking the time to go over it. I have made some changes according to your comments.

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    DigitalZeroOneDigitalZeroOne Member Posts: 234 ■■■□□□□□□□
    A definite improvement. You should place your education and certifications together. You have the "SKILLS" section dividing the two, so you should change that. Also, if you don't have the certification now, I would not put an expected date. I understand using that for college, but putting expected dates for CCNA, MCSA, etc, doesn't look good.

    You also seem to have too many miscellaneous software skills. Teamviewer and Spybot isn't really that you should put down as skills. You could find an area and say that you're experienced in remote access with third party software, or that you're skilled in pc maintenance, and include things like spyware/adware removal, etc.

    There seem to be too many spaces after certain words, for instance, under education, where you have Miama, Florida, there seem to be 5 spaces before you write July 2005. And again for Miami Date College.

    Again, it may just be the formatting when I see it, but since your resume is two pages, make sure you properly space down so that you aren't cutting off sections and diminishing formatting. On page one, I see your section for "TECHNOLOGY", but then the technology skills start on page two. Space down so "TECHNOLOGY" and the skills for it are on page two.
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    Your resume needs some major work. I highly recommend that you read through the advice and linked documents in the following thread, and apply the same methods to your own resume. There's a lot of good info here.

    WGU Progress: Master of Science - Information Technology Management (Start Date: February 1, 2015)
    Completed: LYT2, TFT2, JIT2, MCT2, LZT2, SJT2 (17 CU's)
    Required: FXT2, MAT2, MBT2, C391, C392 (13 CU's)

    Bachelor of Science - Information Technology Network Design & Management (WGU - Completed August 2014)
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