Host maintence - how often

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How often do you update your hosts (esxi or hyper v) either with patches or rebooting?


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    Depends really. If using only the core stack of VMware for example, ESXi, vCenter, maybe Update Manager, I'd be inclined to do it more often.

    In a larger and more complex environment, it might not be that easy or straight forward. Most VMware products have a specific support matrix with other
    VMware products and you need to keep a very specific order when uprading.

    For example, if you have VMware ESXi and vCenter and also vCloud Director and you want to upgrade you need to check intercompatibility. Then you need to make sure you upgrade in a specific order to stay supported.

    In this case

    1. vCloud Director
    2. vShield Manager
    3. vCenter
    4. ESXi
    5. vShield Edges

    and so on. Add more products and an upgrade start to get VERY complex and lengthly ...

    In a PCI-DSS environment you got no choice but to update on regular basis one way or another.
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