Got a Call From a Job Expressing Interest, Haven't Heard Back..Getting Axious

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I got a call on Tuesday just out of the blue from a job that I had applied for a few weeks back. The lady said that they were interested in having me in for an interview based on my resume, she also went on to explain the position, hours, and try to get a salary range from me as well. I was told that I would be receiving a call from someone in my area soon, this is a very large ISP and she is based out of St. Louis which is where their headquarters are, the job is up here in MN where I live. I hung the call and was ecstatic...this is EXACTLY the type of opportunity that I have been hoping for, problem is, I haven't heard back. We spoke on Tuesday, I left her a voicemail yesterday and haven't heard back from either her or the guy up here that was supposed to call to set up an interview. Is this typical for large companies? I mean, I am sure there is more red tape but I would have thought that I would have heard back by now. Do I continue to call every other day? Do I just sit back and wait? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Stop contacting them. Don't think about them anymore and go about your daily life.
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    Just be patient and enjoy life!! :)
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    I wouldn't contact her again. If they want you they'll contact you.
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    they dumped you that's as clear as a day
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    It can definitely take a while in larger companies. Besides haven't you ever got side tracked?
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