Could really do with some help here please? Exchange 2013

tripleatriplea Senior MemberUKMember Posts: 190 ■■■■□□□□□□
Hi, Can anyone shed some light on this please...I've wasted whole day on it so far. Basically my company has merged with another and we now have to bring their email over to ours and its taking forever. What I really want to do and its suggested you can in both outlook 2010 and 2013 is connect to 2 different exchange servers/accounts ( my company is A and them Company B and drag mail between the 2 mailboxes Of course we can do it by exporting and reimporting the PST but its really long winded to be fair and a royal PITA. Googling it suggests it can be done and we have done it using an email client on a MAC but this is a solution I would really like to do from a windows box/outlook2013 or some other program. We can also connect striaght to an inbox on a webmail account for the other company. Also them being on outlook 2003 has issues with bringing everything over properly. So can this be done in outlook and if so how please? Desperate at this point :-/ Cheers AAA


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