My local (laughable) Learn direct center..

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I went to my local inner city Learn Direct center to inquire about a course for A+. What a joke that place was.

The "Tutor" who would be helping me on the phone with any problems had not passed her A+ ? and to top that, she had been studying for well over 2 years. icon_exclaim.gif I told her I wanted to do the online course and she said you'll never learn it unless you see a tutor as you have to see how a pc fits together. I told here that I had built my last two PC's and set up a home network and by the end of the meeting I wanted to ask her if she had any problems to call me up and I'd help her icon_wink.gif

So any of you people out there who haven't passed any I.T related exams, live in London and need a job, call Learn direct and I'm sure they'll employ you.. icon_lol.gif

I went home and signed up with ICS as they seem 100% more proffesional and I've got the Michael Meyers book aswell.

Is it where I live or has anyone else had a meeting with an incompetent tutor ?
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