First 2-3 weeks at a new job

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What the title above says. When starting a new job at a new company, how busy are you guys? Or does everything seem slow and you feel like there is nothing to do. I like to get involved right away or be given tasks and projects to work on, so far I've been doing my payroll and health benefits and HR stuff plus reading policies. It's hard to spend 8 hours a day not doing anything. Is it normal for the first 2-3 weeks to be really really slow or it just depends or the company and roles?


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    I've had it go both ways. When I worked for Ericsson I 'shadowed' for a month to allow enough time to get my laptop and all my tool logins (both times I worked there). With this new gig I have with an ISP i'm pretty sure day 1 we will be hitting the ground running and doing training. All depends on the company I suppose.

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    I think it all depends on what your role is. I'm a month into my current role and first week I was run around our two campuses, shown the technology and then fed projects here and there. Maybe not what your role is but what your level of expertise is. We have people in and out of training so I've been expected to help out as helpdesk people have been out and what not.

    Do what you are comfortable with, run with any projects you are given and ask a lot of questions.
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