real-time cyber warfare. Attackers and defenders heat map

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I'm sure a lot of you already know this but for those that don't, take a look at the below website. It shows in real-time all the cyber attacks taking place between different government areas, point of origin and destination. Pretty cool to see that. Looks like laser cannons firing at each other.
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    I also like the FireEye cyber threat map.
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    Those come in handy when here are walkthroughs going on in the office. Makes poor souls privy to all things IT think we are working hard monitoring stuff. LOL

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    At RSA, virtually every vendor booth had an animated threat map. It's cool, but also so cliché these days. They'd be much more useful operationally if we could filter the results based on granular parameters.
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    These are great for explaining things to others and showing the scale of potential events. The thing to remember when trying to gather actual statistics is that these are all part of honeypots set up by the various researchers. This means that a large majority aren't targeted attacks, they occurred because someone was scanning blocks of IP addresses, found something that looked like a good target, and went after it. I wouldn't use this as a cyber warfare reference because attacks by state actors are generally very targeted. It's more like script kiddies going after random targets. There's also a disproportional amount of honeypots in various countries, so you will see a skewed view of random attacks.
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    This is the best one:

    Best logo ever! LMAO
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