CompTIA's Road Map for Certs

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A co-worker found this and I found it interesting.

Didn't know that Google entered the cert realm.
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    Interesting break out. I noticed even CompTIA doesn't recommend A+, N+ and S+. I always found the trifecta to be a bizarre strategy.

    Very impressed how they actually had the PMP as advanced but not Expert, CSM and Prince 2 P listed in expert. Agreed whole heartedly.

    Thanks for posting. Rep
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    So on the security route they have A+ as base level, but no mention of Net+... Security can get by without knowing how many pins are on a serial cable, but not without knowing standard port mappings... They have CHFI and GISP as intermediate, but CEH as advanced..

    Okay, that thing hurts my eyes. It's not bad for a general idea I suppose. I just wouldn't put much stock in to it.
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    I actually have the Google Apps Certified Administrator certification (I work in a K-12 school). It was pretty easy, but it's a 2-hour, performance-based test, which makes it harder to ****.

    They also have the Deployment Specialist, which is a bit more technical. They cover migrations from Exchange, Groupwise, and even Lotus Notes over to Gmail, so you need to be familiar with all the different migration scenarios.

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