70-688 Passed on third attempt

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After two failed attempts I finally passed the 70-688! icon_cheers.gif I am Considering going the Office 365 cert route rather than Server 2012.

Goals for 2014: 70-687, 70-688 :cheers:


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    ILUVIT wrote: »
    After two failed attempts I finally passed the 70-688! icon_cheers.gif I am Considering going the Office 365 cert route rather than Server 2012.

    Great result! Well Done.

    Would you mind sharing your experience in regards to studying and labbing for this exam? Once I get 70-687 over with the next logical exam for me is 70-688, so any info you can provide about your experience will be greatly appreciated!
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    Congrats on the pass :)
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    Thanks everyone! From other suggestions in this forum I had subscribed to free trials of Intune, as I saw much of that on the 70-688 on my overall attempts. About half of the questions changed from when I last took it back in December. More network protocol related questions this time around, which was interesting. I used Plurasight for the general video training initially, MeasureUp practice questions and believe it or not TechNet. Because I had already taken the exam twice I was able to identify my weak areas and work on those.
    Goals for 2014: 70-687, 70-688 :cheers:
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    great job, congratulations job well done
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    Very nice. Got 70-687 last week and looking for all the info I can on 688. I signed up for Intune also and making lots of visits to Technet. thanks
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    Congrats on passing the exam! I am getting ready for my third attempt. I got the MeasureUP practise exams. I have the feeling they are helping. On the other hand. I am affraid I might be just learning the answers by heart and fail the actual test.

    What is your oppinion on it?
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    I took exam 70-688 today and PASSED!!! I can't say this exam was easy. It took me 3 attempts before I passed and today when I took the test it was 90% different from the previous exams. I know everyone's struggle in this exam. I used the following items to pass this exam.

    Measure-up 70-688 Practice exams
    Brain **** questions
    Windows 8.1 Supporting Windows Book
    Hands on experience with Windows Defender, O365, Intune, Creating Storage Pools.

    I studied every question you can think of and got familiar with them on the how and why I chose this answer. In total I have to say I probably learned 300+ questions. (Don't depend on brain ****. Only how you will pass with brain **** is if you are extremely lucky). Also a lot of the brain **** questions are incorrect. I hope this helps anyone that's struggling with this exam. Good Luck!!!
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    Congrats....3rd time is a charm!
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    Congrats! I know the pain this exam is challenging!
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