CCNP before CCNA Collab

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Hi guys,

Just wondering if it's best to go for CCNP R&S before CCNA collab and even perhaps security before CCNP R&S?


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  • cisco_nerdcisco_nerd Member Posts: 198
    This really depends on -
    1. What is your current skill level with R&S for the purpose of voice/video implementation?
    2. What is your engineering aspirations?

    Do you want to be a voice engineer... or a network engineer... or a security engineer?

    It is certainly good to have a well rounded understanding of the basics (R&S and security) for voice work, but you can learn most of it on the job anyway - and often this is a good way to learn it (from an implementation/troubleshooting view).

    Voice security for example (by no means exhaustive) is usually ACL to prevent unauthorised SIP servers trying to send calls out of a registered gateway... maybe even switchport security at the access layer to prevent 3rd party phones being plugged in and getting auto-registered... and routing, is well routing...

    I would say do which ever one grabs at you the most. For me that is voice, then R&S. From a re-certification point of view, its a moot decision really because if you do NP first then NA collab... you can just sit an NP Collab exam and you're all good.

    So... if you like/prefer R&S, then do the NP... if you love voice... then do the Collab ;) - R&S doesn't change that much, voice is where it's at!! icon_thumright.gif
  • SimridSimrid Member Posts: 327
    Haha, thanks! I'll bare that in mind :)
    Network Engineer | London, UK | Currently working on: CCIE Routing & Switching
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