6-month contract infosec engineer in Chicago, anyone?

gespensterngespenstern Member Posts: 1,243 ■■■■■■■■□□
Recently I got a new cybersecurity engineer job for a pretty large company in Chicago and I was asked by the employer do I have connections to someone like me who is looking for a contract job in infosec. Almost all my buddies are employed full time here and there with nice compensation, so I don't see any of them agreeing on this, but in case someone here doesn't have a job, this position would be an option.

I honestly don't know what happens after 6 months, so it's best to assume that it's just a 6-month contract.

Requirements can be derived from my linkedin profile, I guess, because they are looking for someone like me, but there's nothing special. IDS/IPS rules, policies, firewalls, crypto, SIEM, anti-virus, windows and a little of IBM power systems and linux etc. HIPAA, PCI DSS. CISSP is good to have or equivalent knowledge/experience.

Not sure about the pay, but most likely it is above 6 figures/year or $60+/hour. Office space work, no remote. Location is either downtown or northern suburbs of Chicago.

If someone is really up to this -- PM me and I'll send job description/contacts. Not sure how long it will be in demand, but my position was closed in a week from publishing JD on job-boards to making an offer.


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