MTA SQL worth it?

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I've struggled with 461 several times, do you think the MTA would look good on the resume?

One of our senior developers said it would be perfect for a Business analyst. Thoughts?


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    A business analyst's role with SQL data isn't too in depth, so I think an MTA definitively shows adequate skill for the job, so it will tick that box.

    A 70-461 does bring you useful knowledge that the MTA wouldn't bring to the table, so if you think you can power through it, the benefits are not just in the resume (Querying SQL vs database fundamentals, Specialist vs Entry-level) but knowledge-wise as well.

    SQL isn't easy to grasp, and personally I feel the 70-461 quite dry. It is also known to be a difficult exam.
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    Thanks for the follow up.

    I've been working with SQL off and on for 4 years, however my last stint has been 2 years straight. I did try taking the 461 exam and failed it pretty big high 500's I believe. I'm not looking to be a DBA or ETL specialist that's why I believe our senior developer thought this made sense. I'll probably skip it but I just wanted to get a pulse on what the community feels. Thanks again
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    I thought it was as great exam myself
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    Carl how much study time would you set aside for this?
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    2 weeks. The book is only 300 pages.
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    Sweet thanks bro.
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    It depends on why you want/need the certification.

    For me, the MTA was enough to prove to myself that I could do it, and to my employer that I was willing. I am now planning to take the full MCSA, and am studying for the 70-461. And yes, it's a pain cert, but worth it if your goal is DBA/BI.

    Edit to add: It can't hurt to take the MTA. I felt it was a decent big picture view and gave me a good base to build on for the 70-461.

    Good luck!!! :)
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    Thanks Shorty for the heads up.

    Currently working on a massive report automation project. Really pushing my skills to the limit, aggregating all this data and then automating cross platform integration has been a beast. Thankfully I have a team lead to assist and my senior director is a data wizard.
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    Hi All,
    Im also hoping to do this exam, what reading material and resources
    would you recommend? And timeline in passing this exam?
    work with SQL 2005 - 2012 daily running basic queries and scripts, backups and recovery, installation and setup.
    Thanks :)
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    I am planning on taking the test in November after I take the class. I have some exposure at work, though I bought the training kit already and reading through that. I am also going to buy a measure up test, that helped with my MTA database fundamentals test ALOT.
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    Gpjordanf1, I took the MTA back in May and am currently working as a SQL developer intern. The MeasureUp helped me A LOT too. I also used the official Microsoft textbook and took the Microsoft Virtual Academy class. I think the MVA is a good free resource to get started.

    To the OP, the MTA has two sections dedicated to actual SQL DDL/DML, the rest is geared toward admin tasks and relational DB concepts that might not be useful as a BA. I agree with nster that, if you can power through, the 70-461 would be more useful for what you want to do.
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