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Sorry, you probably get this posted a lot.

Just a little background on me:
I'm taking a networking course at a college (the course is called Network Engineering / Security Analyst, I haven't learned anything about security yet).
I have absolutely no experience with networking, the only job I've had in the past was just as a general labourer.
I have the rest of this year off (well, since late-April), to do a work term, or co-op. It looks like I'm probably not going to get a co-op until around August. And people I've talked to in my program who have co-op jobs right now, are just doing help-desk, which is what I'm expecting, although hoping for a more network oriented job.

Anyways, I'm interested in getting my Network+ certification. I've heard that it is an entry-level certificate, which is great I thought. But CompTIA recommends at least 8 months networking experience. So my questions:
  1. Will having my Network+ be beneficial to me at this point, having no experience?
  2. The study book I have is for the 10-005, is it okay to go for 10-005, if I'd be doing the test in the next month?
Thank you for any information.


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    A+ cert will probably help you better. Especially when it comes to getting your first position.

    I don't think the Net+ will help you much in getting any position. If you really want to get into Networking I would recommend skipping the Net+ and going for the CCENT.
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    A+ cert will probably help you better.

    Even if I have done two years of college and have taken courses (and did fairly well in most of them) such as:
    • TCP/IP
    • Virtualization
    • Fundamentals of UNIX
    • UNIX Administration
    • MS Server Admin
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Cisco Web Server Admin
    • PowerShell Admin Scripting

    Thanks for your response.
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    It depends on what you want to do. If you are looking to get a helpdesk type position right away, the A+ cert is something alot of HR depts look for. You don't have a degree so just putting random college classes on a resume isn't going to help that much. Even with a degree, it will be easier with the A+ cert. Its just one of those certs that helps alot landing a first job.

    With the classes you've done I would definitely skip the Network+ and work on CCENT/CCNA if your looking to get into Networking though.
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