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I am actually studying 2 certs. VCP5-DT and VCAP5-DCA. I am going to take the desktop first to get it out of the way. I work in Horizon View as part of my job. Anyways, I am wanting to study for the VCAP5-DCA. I have a lab server at home to study on, but it's 4 years old. It's a dual quad core optron with 32 gigs of ram. I am wanting to nest ESXi hosts. Will that be enough processor power to do that or do I need to upgrade? I plan on maxing out the ram to 128GB on my current lab server. Also, any advice and resources before I dive into this darkest depths of the VCAP? Thanks, Ben


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    The age of the machine wont matter, what matters is if the processor will be able to do EPT (which is needed for nested ESXi 5.5). 32GB RAM is enough for 3 hosts, a vCenter, a DC and a VM doing iSCSI storage for your hosts. You'll run into disk contention way before CPU or RAM, how much disk have you got on the server?

    As for the DCA test itself - it's great fun. Here're my thoughts about the test > VCAP5 – DCA. Paul Grevink's guide is gold for the DCA. Lab up EVERYthing in the blueprint. Dont tell me I didnt warn ya!
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