Difficulty of CNA?

What's the difficulty level of getting a CNA as compared to CCNA? I've seen a few local jobs for network admins that want this cert and start around $20/hr. After finishing the Net+, I seriously want to look into getting the CNA. Should I look for the latest version of Netware since it isn't specifically mentioned in the postings? Are there major differences between the different versions or is kind of like Windows OS's, if you know one it isn't that difficult to figure out the others?
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    Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    Each major revision made significant changes and added functions to the NOS. For example, NW 4.0 was the start of NDS. 4.11 was the most stable version.
    NW 5.0 was the start of Netware using native IP to carry NCP protocols. Previous to this, IP simply encapulated IPX. NW 5.1 improved stability in IP and added new functions.

    NW 6.0 started opensource components, and moving functions over to web/tomcat based. You'll see a lot of stuff look very much like Linux.
    NW 6.5 inproved on this, and again added functions.

    I would go with the latest version of Netware. However, you'll probably find CNA/CNE jobs become scarce. Even Novell is moving towards Linux by leveraging their SUSE acquisition. My specialization has been Netware and Groupwise, but I am finding my support calls for those dwindling. I also cover support for Microsoft servers and Exchange. I can't believe how quickly I am getting rusty. Must be because of my MCSE studies.
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