Windows 7 vs Windows 8

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I'm new to this forum, so please be gentle lol

So, I have started to start qualifying in various different qualification areas of IT to help me get into the IT sector.

I'm close to finishing my MCSA: Windows 8, I have found it quite difficult so far which is probably a good thing! So silly question, is the Windows 7 qualification easier than Windows 8? I maybe should have done 7 first!



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    Honestly, the 70-680 is probably one of the hardest certifications I have ever done. It covers such a wide breadth of material. So I don't know that going back would be any easier for you.
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    ^^. The 680 IS pretty tough given that it's essentially an exam targeting desk side technicians. I think what catches people off guard with this exam is they think "desktop" exam (like the XP exams) only it's really enterprise desktop. The 686, in my experience, was even harder. I failed that twice and only took it the 3rd time because I was pissed off at failing.
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