Simplilearn worth it for MCSA Server 2012?

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hey guys, this is my first post ever on the forum so I hope I'm not breaking any policy by asking this question here and if I do I apologize. I just wanted your input. Did any of you tried the Simplilearn course for MCSA Server 2012? Would you recommend it? I found out that had a reasonable price but the fact that I can't find many reviews about it worries me. Thanks for your help.


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    Never heard of them. Reviews at SIMPLILEARN.COM - Reviews | online | Ratings | Free seem to be hit or miss. I cant tell by the site is it actually instructor lead? or is it just videos you watch?

    If its just videos you are probably better off going with one of the more reputable providers like CBT nuggets, pluralsight ect. Especially since a 30 access to those is about the same price.

    Some of the review indicate they have weekend classes spread over a month or so which is actually really cool. I would love to take a course that way. But I cant seem to find much info on their site about it.

    If you end up take a course from them Please do a full write up review for us.
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