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Hi! I'm Brazilian and I have a question about IT certification. Here in Brazil, there are many companies that sell courses on level foundations of APMG and EXIN (mainly self-study format or "online"), but I don't find as many in the USA and the EU. Is there demand these certifications in the countries of you? You need the level Foundation first. How do you do to achieve the advanced and Master level? I do not find online courses in the English language. Why? Aline


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    Hi Aline

    ITIL started in the UK and then spread to Europe and the rest of the world, so there is a very large demand for training in most countries. Europe has a lot of classroom training providers, and USA has a mix of both classroom and online.

    The intermediate level is available online from many providers, up to ITIL Expert. The Master level isn't a training course, it's a personal preparation of a report and an interview so you won't find any training courses to support this. Examination institutes would provide you with help to understand what is needed to become an ITIL Master.

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    Hi Clare

    And the other formations Foundation Level? Like other formations: GreenIT, Cloud Computing Foundation, COBIT 5 Foundation, ISO 27002 Foundation ISO 20000 Foundation, Fondation Lean IT, Scrum Foundatio. etc. I do not find essaa companies!

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    Hi Aline

    My organisation offers Foundations online in COBIT 5, ISO20000, OBASHI, PRINCE2 and we also have business relationship management coming soon, so I know for definite they are available icon_smile.gif There are other organisations offering most of these although I believe we are the only ones to do OBASHI online. I think ITPreneurs do cloud computing. There are lots of courses available online so I'm sure you will be able to find them.

    If they aren't coming up when you search, try contacting the accrediting body for that certification and see if they can assist.

    Kind regards

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    ItsmHarun wrote: »
    Prince2 is better for you.

    Not in Brazil I'm afraid - I worked in Sao Paulo for some time and it is not really recognised by the employers there. For project management the PMP qualification is recognised more.

    ITIL is not widely recognised in Brazil either, but since the ITIL Foundation can be easily studied and sat remotely then this may be an option Aline will consider.

    Aline - what do you want to do with the certification? This may help us give better advice to you.

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