Buying a CCNP Lab

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Hey guys,
So I'm finishing up my CCNA studies and I have been using packet tracer for all the labs. So I'm planning on building a home lab as soon as I start studying for my CCNP. Is this a good deal for a CCNP lab kit:

i was maybe thinking of just buying each router and switch included in that kit individually. But the good thing about this is I know it will have everything I need for a home lab and that it will run. It also comes with some lab guides and study material.


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    I like, but I have to admit they are overly priced. It seems the larger the kit you buy from them the more bloated the prices. They do give bonus information that you wouldn't get by buying individually off of ebay or craigslist.

    What I did, I bought a small kit from them which helped me build confidence with buying my own needed/wanted devices. If I remember correctly, I bought a four device kit from them and since then built up to fifteen devices. I added nine to make it fifteen, I actually paid half the amount for the nine, then what I paid for the original four from CK. I didn't buy the basic four, it was the upgrading I requested that caused the price to be so high.

    The link you provided does show a high price, and I know you can get those things for about a 3rd the selling price.
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    I did the same thing as HAMP. When I started CCNA I bought a 4 piece kit from them to have something to being with. I then bought all of the additional items on ebay.

    At the CCNP level I think your probably better off on ebay or something similar since you should already have an understanding of what the devices are. However I am a firm believer that when you are buying a pre-made kit you are buying convenience and price is not the determining factor. So with that I had a positive experience with certification kits. Understand the basic business model so you are not disappointed. You will basically buy slightly lower quality gear and a slightly higher price with the benefit that it's all put together for you.
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    Well, I'm helping someone put together a ccnp lab at the moment. Their lab has:
    3x 2811
    2x 2821
    2x 2950
    2x 3550
    2x 3560
    a nm-32a for access serving.
    all cabled up in a rack for around $800 including shipping.
    from certification kits that is going to cost about $2000. You have to ask yourself if those lab guides and studying materials are worth over $1000.
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