Steps Ahead for CISSP+CCIE

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Hi all,

Let me breif about myself a little, i am a CCIE certified in security domain and i have 5 years of experience in network and security. We all know its a continuous evolvment in order to stay up with the demands in IT.
I have thought of putting my hands in information Securtiy and thought of doing CISSP. I would like to know how to make the progress in getting and is it really going to make a difference having CISSP with CCIE.
All opinions are heartly welcomed.
thank you.


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    CISSP is going through an evolutionary step after the introduction of post 15 April 2015 (4th CBK). You need to check and read through the threads that mentioned 15 April 2015. I am being told that there is huge difference b/w post and pre 15 April 2015 in terms of question format, depth required to answered them and on top of it there is no one yet official declared a pass. Everyone is waiting for first pass.

    In this circumstances, you can purchase 4th CBK for CISSP and start reading it. By the time you finished (1-2 months) then there might be some clarification abt. the depth required.
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    Hi Riyan,

    Thanks a lot for your opinion, yes i have heard of some major changes and main worry is there is not big clarity from anyone. Hope we get a clarity soon...
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    Kudos to you, we need more network engineers to proactively pursue security expertise, a CCIE+CISSP will be in high demand for sure.

    I recently took the new CISSP exam, and have posted about my opinions and experience very recently in various threads in this forum.
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    I am on the same way as you. I am CCIE R/S and try to take one more cert for my feature. Way to go....

    I think AIO 7th is not going to publish...
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    that is true. since Shon Harris passed away. I'm pretty sure there will be alternative books for the new CISSP though.
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