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Finally got a sit down w/ the head of my IT dept to try and get involved in some on the job training thru a shadowing or mentoring type of set up...Going to propose it too him this Thursday and volunteer my time if need be....probably start out at the help desk, I would guess...

Anyone else tried this approach when they were trying to get there foot in the door? I'm currently a non certified, over interested wanna be that just began studying for the A+ Exams and should also have access to the current Test Out Cbt software.....
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    Test Out is OK CBT...

    I heard my friend try to do something like that at his company, but don't know what happen afterward.

    Good Luck on the meeting and let us know how it go...

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    Im doing that right now actually.. And it worked :)

    my story is simple.. Since 11th grade, i worked for this real estate company that has about 6 locations in So.Cal... i recently graduated school about a month ago with about 3 years of experience on the field doing various things.. All part time or contract.. Either being help desk or setting up networks, broadband systems.. Blah blah..

    a couple weeks ago.. i proposed a letter to the owner of the company.. asking him to basically pick me up since i have been a loyal employee for the past 5 years and now can offer my services to the company..

    well.. needless to say.. it worked.. My first proposal was to help the current tech (outside contractor) for all the systems within the offices.. But he came back to me with a different approach.. He wanted to start a new role within the organization, a role that would be more direct with the employees... a computer trainer.

    I was all over it.. Its cake work. Just tedious and patience is key... I have done in home computer training b4.. But never on a 700 employee scale, and this job will prob have different opportunities when the role is finished. If you plan on sticking with this company, like I am. It’s a nice way to start off.

    This new role will require a curriculum (designed by me) and each employee will have to get certified by me in order to keep using their workstation.. great idea.. the owner feels he has invested a lot of money in into hardware/software and his employees cant maximize their assets in order to become more productive.

    Sorry for making this post long.. My point is.. do it and be confident. Your employer or manager will respect your interest and prob will hook you up considering you’re a volunteer.
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    Enjoy this opportunity and have fun icon_eek.gif
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    @itwannebe: Sounds like a great way to start. Do a good job and get to know the IT guys and you can't loose.

    @tokhss: Cool. Good luck.Have you checked out www.techrepublic.com yet ? They've got some stuff for Trainers there. (In the Managment section, mind). Some nice stuff to plunder, like "training evaluation sheets" (quite usefull) and the like.
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    Well, it's been just over a month, and I finally got all the powers that be to OK a shadow / mentoring program. Apparently this is the first time somebody has actually even asked to do it, much less volunteer a couple of afternoon's a week to get it started....So, hopefully, the ball is rolling in the right direction; and I'll get a little practical experience soon.
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    i remember when i was laid off over a year ago and did a tour of the local pc firms. one place i was at, a wholesaler as well as a system builder, but one that was hoping to push into network design and management, this guy, who was working through his mcse, was working saturday mornings for free watching the systems getting built.

    i didn't get offered a job at the place in the end - they wanted somebody to sell, price and manage networks for little money plus commission (if i had been mcse i may have considered it) - and i don't recall seeing that guy around there either, as i have purchased a few items from their shop since. it's weird, they have this policy of only selling to the trade, but if you are from out-of-town they have now problem selling to you. mind you, their prices aren't that great - no wonder shops charge an arm-and-a-leg!
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