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Since I didn't go to Cisco Live, I have been approved for some Cisco training. Looking for some advice on what to do. I was thinking CCNA Security through Global Knowledge but was told that the class is not guaranteed. My current interest for a boot camp would be.

1) CCNA Security *Pre-Req for CCNP Security*
2) CCNP Security Class
3) CCNA Wireless Class
4) CCIE R&S Class
5) Full CCNP R&S * Would be a refresher and to strengthen what I already know.*

I would like to stay on the Cisco Route or any other network training class. All ideas or suggestions are welcome. Also any experience of a boot camp please share. Just looking for the best return on investment for corporate training.
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    I can't help, but I'm also looking for advice on this. Signing up for a class next week (to take place sometime this summer). I'm looking for strictly CCNP SWITCH - online live as they aren't in my area in my time frame. Leaning towards Global Knowledge and possibly New Horizons. Global Knowledge seems to offer better benefits for the price.
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    If I had an IE level class available to me, I'd jump on that. Study the NA-level security stuff after work, on your own time. Not too many difficult concepts to grasp, especially if you've already achieved your CCNP.
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    Looks like I'm going to the Boson CCNA Security Bootcamp in Tampa. Looks pretty good and has great reviews and its in Tampa. Company was stressing Security and this fit the bill. After an exhausting year studying for CCNP I'm looking for something easy. I will do CCNA Security-> CCNP Security SIMOS to renew my CCNP next year --> Start my CCIE R&S. My work schedule is so busy, I really need a layup cert for now.
    “The problem with quotes on the Internet is that you can’t always be sure of their authenticity.” ~Abraham Lincoln
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    Whatever you choose Honda, you'll do great!
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