EMC Academic Associate?

FrostbiteFrostbite Member Posts: 29 ■■■□□□□□□□
I'm wrapping up an information storage class at a community college that's part of the EMC Academic Alliance. We were told at the beginning of the semester that the final exam was an official EMC exam, which led to a certification, and we (including the teacher) surmised that it was the EMCISA exam, since the class is structured around the same areas of knowledge and uses the same book.

Well, it turns out it's not. It leads to a certification called the EMC Academic Associate in Information Storage and Management. Has anyone heard of this before? I know the EMCISA isn't a huge deal to potential employers but at least it has some name recognition but what about Academic Associate?

I'm actually of the opinion that it should carry a little more weight since it's a full semester long course with labs and quizzes and a final project but I wouldn't expect someone reading my resume to actually know that. Any thoughts?
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