Outlook 2013 issue... Reply All not working as expected

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I looked everywhere for this and have had no luck so far. Previous versions of outlook have never given me this problem so I think it might be a configuration issue on the exchange server or the mailbox itself.
Here is the problem I'm experiencing.
I requested for the creation of a mailbox. Lets call it Newmailbox.
1. I can send emails to the mailbox under my own account.
2. When I try to reply back to the message. The "From" field has the mailbox name. And the "To" field has my name.
3. Here is the problem. When I do "Reply All" the "From" field has the mailbox name and the "To" field has the mailbox name but my own name is NOT added to the "To" field.
When I do reply all, I want all the people cced to get the message. It appears that outlook is omitting my name and I'm not getting the emails on my personal inbox. Is this some new feature or is this something that has not been setup correctly? I need everyone to receive the messages for tracking purposes. Hope I'm explaining this correctly.


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    Are you saying that you reply all to an email that includes yourself as a sender and the reply doesn't include you?

    If so, I don't think it's a new future of outlook 2013, for me it replies to myself. I've been thinking about looking into changing it so you don't reply to yourself by default.
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