lab setup and intervlan routing im lost

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Here is my lab setup I'm doing self study for CCNA i have packet tracer but i like using real equipment better as I feel its more realistic.

Cisco 1851 router
Cisco 3560G POE 24 port switch

I have configured my router and switch in the following way I'm not sure if this is correct or if i have done something wrong but I'm not getting the results I expected to get.

SOHO> Cisco Switch to trunk internet service thru > trunk from switch into G0/0 on router

Vlan 10
Vlan 20
int vlan 10
int vlan 20


ip address scheme as follows as the ip for g0/1 interface on router


int vlan 10
int vlan

ip default gateway on switch

ip routing setup on router and switch I was going to try to use OSPF but still learning routing protocols for this scenario and not sure if this is correct so far could anyone review this for me and let me know how close I am thanks.


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    Did you configure an encapsulation for the sub ports?
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    I agree with Moose as you want to ensure you specify the dot1q encapsulation for your configured sub ports. In addition, it always helps to post the show run output of your devices.

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    What result are you not getting first? Also do a show ip interface brief on both devices. Do a sh vlan. Most likely your problem is g0/1.10 g0/1.20 they are not the sub interface of G0/0.
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