CEH = SEC+ v2.0?

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For those that took CEH & SEC +....In your opinion, how much overlap is there? I've taken the class at school (twice as a matter of fact) and taken a few loose knit practice test. I score fairly well without putting real effort into it..But it seems as though CEH is SEC+ with tools..... Chime in please


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    TrashmanTrashman Member Posts: 140
    In my opinion CEH goes a lot deeper than SEC+. Ex. details about three way handshake, but there are some overlap since they both cover the fields of security.
    You really need to get your hands dirty on those tools, especially Nmap among others.
    EC-Council does not force you to use specific tools, but to understand how it works.
    It's an expensive exam to fail and it has a lot more questions than SEC+.
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