Breaking into the I.T. field at 30?

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I am 30 yrs old and right now I am really looking for a career. The degree I orginally did is pretty much worthless, because the jobs out there need experience which I don't have. I have taken some computer programming classes and have worked on my own at home with computer networks, some programming and I have used different flavors of Linux (currently using Linux Mint/Ubuntu). I currently work at a Pharmacy as a registered technician, but I have also done a lot of computer/network maintenance and repair and some configuration work. I have also helped diagnose and fix the phone system, which was due to a faulty switch. I really want to try and get into networking/infosec, but have no idea where to start and really want to get an entry level position quick so I can start gaining experience and working my way up to the position really want which would be a management position. I really don't know where to start and how to setup my resume to show the different aspects of computers that I have worked on. I need some help trying to get a start in the I.T. I am also going to post a copy of my resume for some critiques. Thank you in advanced.


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    You should remove your personal info from your resume, first off.
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    Go for your CCENT then CCNA R&S. Then apply at a help desk or NOC job.
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    markulous wrote: »
    Go for your CCENT then CCNA R&S. Then apply at a help desk or NOC job.

    From the sound of it, you already have a decent amount of experience.
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    And don't worry about being '30'! I've seen people start out very well in 'IT' being over 30, and it's not like you're un-experienced with computers and networking.
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    Don't worry about being 30, I did it and I am a young 55 now. Learning new things along the way. icon_cheers.gif
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    I am also someone who made a career change at 30. Its totally worth it, I switched careers 3 years ago and have been plowing forward. If you have the motivation and desire to succeed you will icon_thumright.gif
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    Here is my current resume. If someone can give me some advice on my resume I would greatly appreciate it.
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    archangl wrote: »
    Here is my current resume. If someone can give me some advice on my resume I would greatly appreciate it.

    IMO, take off the job duties that don't relate to IT, or at least move them to the bottom of the list. Also, be prepared to answer the question "What have you been doing for the past three years?"

    I got into IT at almost 30, now I am making pretty good money. It's all about persistence and a willingness to take whatever experience you can get. Study study study and lab lab lab. It's a rocky road but you can do it.
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    Put down your title at the pharmacy as just "Technician." If they ask, clarify. Otherwise, make it seem like you were a computer guy rather than an Rx guy.

    Move your pharmacy job to the top of the list (seeing as it's your current position).

    Potentially remove your "Associate of Science" degree if you transferred into a BSc program afterward - it's just empty space.

    As said before, a single certification (even something fairly basic like a CCENT or Net+) will go a long way towards making you more attractive to employers.
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    Thanks for the advice.
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    Jumped into the word of IT at the age of 29! 30 is nothing man!
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