Passed my Net+, now what?

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I'm finishing off high school by snatching my Net+, going to college in August for MIS. My problem is that there is a huge gap or it seems to me where I will be doing nothing productive. I plan to keep getting certifications to help me progress, should I go for the Security+ or the Linux+? Also how exactly do I get an entry level job? In my area I don't see many signs that say "nerd needed" or anything of the sorts, I have no idea where to even begin looking. Any advice in terms of how you started out or whether I should go for my Security+ or the Linux+ first, or something entirely different. Thanks


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    My advice to you:
    - Start building your professional network, post a profile on Build your resume.
    - Go for security+ then Linux+ over the summer. (Security+ is required for DOD jobs FYI).
    - Then go to College and graduate. With a degree and certs on a decent looking resume, you'll secure a job fairly easy.
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