Multiple frame transmission

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Hi, folks

I quote from the book:

"Multiple copies of the same unicast frames may be delivered to destination station, which can cause problems with the receiving protocol. Many protocols expect to receive only a single copy of each transmission. Multiple copies of the same frame can cause unrecoverable errors."

I know my question may sound odd like "why is dot put at the end of a sentence etc", but I'm a meticulous person. So I was wondering what kind of errors multiple frame transmission can cause, technically speaking. Therefore I started googling and came over the only interesting post which says the following:

"Most protocols cannot correctly handle duplicate transmissions. Protocols that use sequence numbering assume that the sequence has recycled. Other protocols process the duplicate frame with unpredictable results."

But again "unrecoverable errors", "upredictable results". My inquiring mind tortures me to learn what kind of errors are those?

I would be highly grateful if you could shed some light on this topic!


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    TCP should handle duplicate sequence numbers by discarding them. An application that doesn't use TCP, or duplicate data in the packet etc. would be handled by the application itself. So any kind of error would likely be application dependent.
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    I believe someday I will know TCP/IP in-depth, but meanwhile any help will be useful. Thank you very much!! Very precise answer. It's exactly what I'd like to know.
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