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Hi everyone,

This is my first post, but I've been browsing the forums for a few months now and there's so much useful information. :)

I'm currently studying for my CCENT with a view to getting into the networking world. I don't have any experience in IT as such (I work for a major telecommunications company in the UK as part of their Social media team, I'm responsible for all network queries posted across our social channels, but these are mobile network related and VERY 1st line orientated.)

I've watched the CBT nuggets videos and made notes and I've started reading Lammle's book. I've got some physical equipement, but at least for the CCENT, I've mainly been using packet tracer (although it does have its quirks!).

I'm also now going through Chris Bryant's Udemy videos (after a month or two's break for one thing or another) and I'm getting back into things nicely.

I do however, feel like I need to really practise the commands and configs on IOS, to fully understand the processes that have been talked about across the various learning platforms that I've used.

So, my question is, does anybody have a CCENT level Lab guide, that presents various scenarios to configure, using the knowledge I should have, from the CCENT learning material?

I've found a couple of old threads with guides (pre-2012/2011) but these are quite old, so I was hoping for something a little more up to date?

Does anyone have any tips? and thanks in advanced for any replies :)

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