ICND on Monday.

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I think I'm ready. I suppose we'll see. I'll be practicing switch, access-lists and dialer configs all weekend. I beleive I have all the VTP and routing protocols/summarization stuff down. I have used the Cisco Press ICND book and the boson software with it. I also have a catalyst 2924 to play on, so that has helped with the switching. Any last minut pointer would be appreciated.


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    I think you have all the topics covered, and you have some tools you could use for the exam. Just be confident and relax, ye dont want to get mentally blocked on the exam right? :D Goodluck on your upcoming exam.
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    Good Luck. icon_thumright.gif

    Use your time wisely -- review what you think you need to, but also relax a little now, and a lot more just before the exam. Don't forget to go over configurations for the major hardware topics.

    Don't stay up late cramming the night before the test -- rest is going to be more important.

    I always get to the test center early to allow for car problems and road construction -- so I always have my final review sheet to look over -- either the reference sheet pdfs from the Cisco Press Flash Card CD or my hand written scribbles of things to remember.

    Remember the tricky wording of the questions -- read the entire question and ALL the answers -- and then read the question again ---- even for the simple sounding questions.

    Time management will be important -- don't obsess about the clock, but do an occasional time check. No more than 10 minutes (okay, 12 if you're done but troubleshooting something) for a single sim.

    If you aren't doing subnetting in your dreams, practice dumping your subnetting guide/**** sheet to scratch paper (and remember to do it for real during the exam demo, not during your test time).

    Breath deeply, stand up straight, shoulders back, head held high. Walk in the exam center like you own the place. And show the test who's the boss.
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    Well here is the report:

    Passing Score: 850 / My Score: 1000

    Number of questions 40

    Time Alotted: 60 Minutes / Time used 40 Minutes

    Things that I would consider necessary for the Exam I took:

    Know Access lists /Types and the rules for applying each type.
    Know spanning tree path costs and election rules.
    Know how to configure rip routing.
    Know values for config registers (Yes, I said config registers.)
    Know subnetting.

    My first question was a sim. After fooling around with it for around three minutes, I realized that I had typed the wrong addresses in and had to go back and correct it. There were a couple of questions that that I will admit that I guessed at, albeit an educated guess. The exam was relatively straight forward with only two questions that I would consider "surprises". As luck would have it, those two questions were right in a row so I had a huge sinking feeling about 14 questions into the exam.

    Overall I would suggest studying the cisco press books and configuring the equipment for practice. If that's not available then use the Boson software included with the cisco press book. It is more than adequate. The key thing is to practice reading into scenarios and interpreting them with the technical information you have studied.
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    Great score ! icon_eek.gif

    Welcome (back) to the CCNA club icon_wink.gif
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    congrats great score :D
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    Thanks guys. I hope this was worth it. I think My wife will choke me if I start reading another Cisco book in the next two weeks. But I can't help but want to crack open that BSCI book.......... Maybe just a couple chapters. icon_twisted.gif
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    EricO wrote:
    Know Access lists /Types and the rules for applying each type.
    Know spanning tree path costs and election rules.
    Know how to configure rip routing.
    Know values for config registers (Yes, I said config registers.)
    Know subnetting.

    Thanks. I'm hoping to catch the ICND by the end of this month, but not wanting to dive in until I'm really, really sure I stand a good chance of passing. Working the new Boson Exam Environment test right now, hoping it'll give me enough insight before I go in.
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    Congrats on the pass and the great score. Good luck on the CCNP track.


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