How should I proceed to start my IT Career?

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Hey Forum! Thanks in advance for your help and let me know if I am posting in the incorrect section or breaking any rules.

A little back story:

- I am 23 and obtained my Bachelors in Computer Science and Economics this year (Double major at the Unversity of the West Indies Jamaica)
- I am from Jamaica but I obtained my citizenship for USA a year ago and planning to move to florida by the end of 2015.
- My experience is 2 years part time video, audio editing and creating powerpoint presentations for clients locally and internationally. (Did this during University to pay for tuition and relieved to say I have no student loans). It was an actual small business where I also subcontracted work.

After completing my bachelors I honestly did not enjoy programming and I prefer working more hands on or with numbers.Therefore I have been looking into getting into the technical field instead of the programming field. I have been looking into getting my A+ and Network+ Certifications and perhaps start out doing Help Desk due to no relevant experience.


1. Would I be considered overqualified for a help desk position and be passed over by the HR department?
2. Does my experience count for anything in the IT field although not related?
3. What jobs would you suggest I apply for?

3. Should I put this experience on my resume?
(I had to deal with many clients day to day so perhaps this would contribute to getting a help desk position)

I like the business/systems analysis field too, however all the job openings I have seen for junior positions requires experience in the field.


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    First of all welcome to the forums! Now to answer your questions:

    1. No, I don't think you'd be considered overqualified for help desk. You might even find it a bit difficult to find a help desk job. If you get your A+ and N+, then it'll make it a bit easier. You shouldn't wait to get the certs before you start applying though. You should start applying for jobs as soon as you move to the US.
    2. It probably wouldn't count as IT experience, but you should keep it on your resume. When you don't have IT experience, any work experience is better than nothing.
    3. Help desk is a good start, but I wouldn't limit myself to that. When I was looking for my first IT job, I applied for anything IT related just so I can get a foot in the door (help desk, noc tech, cable tech, field tech, geek squad, staples computer tech, sys admin, net admin, small mom & pop computer shops, etc). Getting that first IT job is the hardest thing.

    Good luck!
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    pevangel wrote: »
    First of all welcome to the forums! Now to answer your questions:

    Thanks for your reply it is really appreciated.

    The aim is to get my A+ in July (currently doing a bit of reading) then my N+ in August/September. I am planning to start applying in August after the A+ certification.

    Regarding what you said for "3" that is some good advice thanks! I definitely will not limit myself, I intend to apply for many different positions and hopefully I snag one.

    Thanks again!
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