N10-005 or N10-006?

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Hello, I know this is a tough question because it it different for every person. I have already read through the Microsoft published "CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-005 Training Kit" by Craig Zacker a couple months ago. I was just thinking I need to step it up and finish studying and take the test. I have 10+ years IT experience, but the book knowledge for the test is a lot more difficult for me than the practical knowledge. I didn't realize until today that there was a new Network+ exam already and the old one is expiring at the end of August.

The question is does it seem like I should go through CBT nuggets (Have a subscription through work) and Professor Messer study on the 005 exam, or should I just start studying for the 006? Does it seem like there will be time to take the test and pass? If I don't pass 005 will it be like learning a whole different exam? It seems like the topics are a lot different.


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    i was wondering hat myself :o
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    aisbaer wrote: »
    i was wondering that myself :o

    the N10-005 is a Cake-walk.

    You can Watch the Professor Messer Lectures in 5 weeks (a Chapter a Week).
    That will still leave you 4 weeks to review (i was ready after 2).
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    Thanks for the feedback. I did as you suggested and passed the N10-005 today with a 93%, the last day of this test. Thanks for the help.
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    Good job!!
    I find myself watching Messer's monthly study groups in order to to learn about the newer topics in the N10-006.
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    Grats on the pass! I wonder how the 006 compares to the 005. I am taking a networking course starting in October and networking has always been a weakpoint for me. I am planning on using Professor Messer's guide but I also have the Network + book... though I think it is from 005. I will definitely use Messer's stuff!
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