Cisco 5921 ESR

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Is anyone familiar with the company DRS? They offer a embedded services router with cisco IOS. We are looking to incorporate these into a military network architecture. The DRS DDU(Data Distribution Unit) supports integration and cross-banding with legacy analog, cellular 3G/4G, civil and military radios, including SATCOM solutions. Options include: Integrated GPS (Commercial or SAASM), Cellular, and Wi-Fi.

They mention that the DDU has a Linux based GUI. I have never configured this particular router or seen these for that matter.icon_study.gif

Has anyone had the opportunity to work/configure this DDU/Cisco 5921 ESR? Just looking to get any general information from anyone that has ever experienced that may be able offer good to know advice that I will need to take into consideration. I'm not quite sure what they have for physical/logical ports, connections and software etc...

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