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Hey all,
New to the community here. I took the Network + cert and completely bombed the simulation part. Is there any free sites that anyone knows of that i can use to study with? I know you can buy simulators, but money is a little tight. Any input would be very helpful!



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    I've not found any myself. Which ones tripped you up? You don't have to give specifics.
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    One was setting up a network. You had to know which cables to put where and also the right speeds the cables used. Another was setting up Wireless AP's, Which direction to set then up and also the right channels and frequencies. I personaly have never done such a thing. Thanks for the reply!
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    The cables question should be fairly straightforward. I assume it was all Cat/Fiber so you'll just need to memorize the standards and connection types and you'll be able to knock that one out easily next time.

    As for the wireless, I'm going to guess it was a 3 AP setup? If so, the key thing to pay attention is the channels selected. You'd want 1 on Ch1, 1 on Ch6 and 1 on Ch11 since none will overlap/interfere that way. Also be sure they're all on the same mode (all on G, for example) and that none are using an insecure protocol like WEP.
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