bcmsn before bsci??

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it seems like most people go for the bsci exam first, but after browsing both books its seems like the bcmsn is a bit more relevant to my current job. are there any disadvantages to pursing the bcmsn before the bsci?

it seems like it will be easier, and will help with some things we're working on at the job. i just don't want to make life more difficult for myself by taking them in this order, and i really don't think it will....just wanted to get feedback from others though.


  • keenonkeenon Senior Member Member Posts: 1,922 ■■■■□□□□□□
    nope.. i did bcmsn first b/c i worked in a switching environment so alot of the material/commands i was familiar with i just lacked certain areas that we didn't use. currently i'm doing the routing now which i do loads of ospf, rip( slowly removing from untouched areas) , policy routing, redistribution just to start..

    so if your in a switched network do switching, if your in a routing network do routing, if your in a remote access network to that

    remember its all relavent it just depends on the envirornment and which area you have the most function in icon_wink.gif
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    I did the BCMSN first and no problem. If you are more skillful with switching than with routing, do the BCMSN first.[/quote]
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    Same here. I took the switching exam first. Passed with 907. Studying now for the routing exam...tough!
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