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Looking at cracking open the books and learning cloud (I use that term with reserves) technologies. I learn the fastest if I am studying to get certified in something so my questions is… where to start?

I was thinking possibly starting with VM certs, but I really have no idea where I would like to end up.

So far I have looked at

-VCA/P cloud and VCA6-CMA/HC (People say skip VCA and go VCP?)
-AWS Architect

Mind you my end goal is to get a very good understating of these technologies to make an informed decision on the direction I would like to take my career in security. I have some experience in AWS and found it very easy and fun, but no experience in any other vendor specific technology.

Any advice would help


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    If you're ultimate end goal is security, aren't there virtualization/cloud specific security books out there?

    If you want to learn about virtualization, then start with VCP-DCV. Datacenter virtualization is the foundation. If you have a good grasp of it, other VMware tracks become easier.

    After VCP-DCV, I would take a look at NSX. The security it enables is very interesting.
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