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    Was that just added today? I thought I looked at the different tracks Tuesday when I came back into work.
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    Yes, it was added today.

    Here are the exam topics for one of the CCNA Cloud exams.

    1.0 Cloud Characteristics and Models


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    1.1 Describe common cloud characteristics
    • 1.1.a On-demand self service
    • 1.1.b Elasticity
    • 1.1.c Resource pooling
    • 1.1.d Metered service
    • 1.1.e Ubiquitous network access (smartphone, tablet, mobility)
    • 1.1.f Multi-tenancy
    1.2 Describe Cloud Service Models
    • 1.2.a Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    • 1.2.b Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • 1.2.c Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    2.0 Cloud Deployment


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    2.1 Describe cloud deployment models
    • 2.1.a Public
    • 2.1.b Private
    • 2.1.c Community
    • 2.1.d Hybrid
    2.2 Describe the Components of the Cisco Intercloud Solution
    • 2.2.a Describe the benefits of Cisco Intercloud
    • 2.2.b Describe Cisco Intercloud Fabric Services

    3.0 Basic Knowledge of Cloud Compute


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    3.1 Identify key features of Cisco UCS
    • 3.1.a Cisco UCS Manager
    • 3.1.b Cisco UCS Central
    • 3.1.c B-Series
    • 3.1.d C-Series
    • 3.1.e Server identity (profiles, templates, pools)
    3.2 Describe Server Virtualization
    • 3.2.a Basic knowledge of different OS and hypervisors

    4.0 Basic Knowledge of Cloud Networking


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    4.1 Describe network architectures for the data center
    • 4.1.a Cisco Unified Fabric
      • 4.1.a.1 Describe the Cisco Nexus product family
      • 4.1.a.2 Describe device virtualization
    • 4.1.b SDN
      • 4.1.b.1 Separation of control and data
      • 4.1.b.2 Programmability
      • 4.1.b.3 Basic understanding Open Daylight
    • 4.1.c ACI
    • 4.1.c.1 Describe how ACI solves the problem not addressed by SDN
      • 4.1.c.2 Describe benefits of leaf/spine architecture
      • 4.1.c.3 Describe the role of APIC Controller
    4.2 Describe Infrastructure Virtualization
    • 4.2.a Difference between vSwitch and DVS
    • 4.2.b Cisco Nexus 1000V components
      • 4.2.b.1 VSM
      • 4.2.b.2 VEM
      • 4.2.b.3 VSM appliance
    • 4.2.c Difference between VLAN and VXLAN
    • 4.2.d Virtual networking services
    • 4.2.e Define Virtual Application Containers
      • 4.2.e.1 Three-tier application container
      • 4.2.e.2 Custom container

    5.0 Basic Knowledge of Cloud Storage


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    5.1 Describe storage provisioning concepts
    • 5.1.a Thick
    • 5.1.b Thin
    • 5.1.c RAID
    • 5.1.d Disk pools
    5.2 Describe the difference between all the storage access technologies
    • 5.2.a Difference between SAN and NAS; block and file
    • 5.2.b Block technologies
    • 5.2.c File technologies
    5.3 Describe basic SAN storage concepts
    • 5.3.a Initiator, target, zoning
    • 5.3.b VSAN
    • 5.3.c LUN
    5.4 Describe basic NAS storage concepts
    • 5.4.a Shares / mount points
    • 5.4.b Permissions
    5.5 Describe the various Cisco storage network devices
    • 5.5.a Cisco MDS family
    • 5.5.b Cisco Nexus family
    • 5.5.c UCS Invicta (Whiptail)
    5.6 Describe various integrated infrastructures
    • 5.6.a FlexPod (NetApp)
    • 5.6.b VBlock (VCE)
    • 5.6.c VSPEX (EMC)
    • 5.6.d OpenBlock (Red Hat)

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    Very interesting, and a good amount of overlap with the DC track. I might have to add that later this year or next year. Particularly if they add it to the partner requirements so I can convince work to pay for the tests. :)
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    Looks real good. Maybe I should go the Cloud route after ccent. I have been hearing that it's going to be big in 2015. At least that's what I have been hearing.
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    Interesting! It does seem to have some DC overlap, as mentioned. This one will defiantly be on my scope for future certs.
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    Is anyone (in the world) actually building clouds based on all that *stuff.
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    Replace ACI with NSX and the answer is yes.

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