ICND1 tomorrow

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Hey everyone, after 2 month of actual studying and about 3 years of telling myself I should get this cert, I am finally sitting ICND1 tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty confident about it. I've been using my materials from WGU, CBTNuggets, Odem book, trancender and boson practice exams along with packet tracer, Gns3 and a physical lab I built. I was using the Pearson Network simulator but I stopped because it felt too much like hand holding through each process.Got my exam scheduled for 8am tomorrow so I'm hoping for a good friday! Back to studying a few more items!icon_study.gif*************UPDATE*****************

Well, I passed. Got a 960!!

Break down was:
Operation of IP Data Networks: 67% icon_rolleyes.gif
LAN Switching Technologies: 82%
IP addressing IPv4 and IPv6: 100%
IP routing technologies: 100%
IP services: 100%
Network Device Security: 100%
Troubleshooting: 100%

I felt like I managed my time pretty well, ended with 20 min remaining. Like any other exam be sure to read the questions carefully! Didn't feel like my exam was heavy on any certain topic. My biggest advice would just know subnetting!

Also, if you're looking to take this exam, Boson practice exams are a great addition to your studies! icon_cool.gif
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    Good luck! kill it!
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    best of luck, let us know how it goes

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    Good luck!!!

    I'm sitting for my exam on Monday, so definitely let us know how it goes!
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    Good luck! It sounds like you have definitely put in the time to be prepared. Let us know how you do!
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    Thanks everyone! I posted my update in the op.
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    Congrats! Nice score too!

    How were the sims? How do you think the CBT nugget videos did in preparing you for the exam?
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    Congrats, that's an awesome score. Are you moving on to ICND2?
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    Awesome score man! Are you scooting straight into ICND2 or relaxing?
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    @ilovesaget Thanks, I felt the sims were pretty straight forward, nothing too complicated about them. CBTNuggets was awesome! Jeremy was really good at keeping me interested in the topics.

    @Koz24 and Mooseboost Thanks, I have 2 more courses I need to finish during this term, Geography and Sec+, plan to knock them out in the next two months while doing some ICND2 on the side.

    On a side note, anyone feel like CCENT on your resume got you any more calls from recruiters or call back from job postings?
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