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Hi All,

Just after a little bit of advice. Hopefully from someone who has gone down the same path I am going down.

Will be moving into IT/Network security just checking on the best path.

With the way the world is looking at networks and possibly attacks etc. It shows that its good to know how "computers" are "talking" as so to speak so you can stop possible issues (which has me on my way to my CCNA Security).

However I would also like to know the forensic side to this and also the ethical hacking.

I just wasn't sure if you branch off as you need to for business or just what you want to pursue next or if there is a particular path that would be best to go down.

Thank you in advanced.


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    Many paths can lead to the same place, the same path can lead to many places.

    Solidify your fundamentals like TCP/IP, be able to read PCAPs. Certs don't mean that much after a while, so be sure to look past the paper. Cisco security certs are more about managing security appliances rather than really understanding security. Nothing wrong with the CCNA Security, but just know that there's a vast ocean beyond it.

    Read the books on network defense and offense. Keep digging. Be curious ... very curious. Start questioning assumptions.
    Hopefully-useful stuff I've written:
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