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Let's say i have for the nat pool
ip nat pool netmask

Using Dynamic NAT without overload how many ip can be translated at the same time, 4 or 2?
Is the rule to take away the first (subnet) and last (broadcast) address also valid in this case?



  • quickman007quickman007 Posts: 195Member
    Dang, I'm not sure. I'll try it out after work, although I believe you have to specify only the addresses you want to translate too, not the entire network (leaving out the network and broadcast ID). For instance, which would be the only usable addresses in the range. I know IOS checks to make sure the starting and ending addresses are in the same network based on the netmask and throws an error if they're not, but not sure what it would do in this case. I'll write back when I get a chance to test it.
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    If I understand correctly with a dynamic nat pool it will not hand out the network or broadcast, but you can assign them through a static nat. See the below link for a similar question with a more specific answer:
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    Basically we need to find the how many private IP
    /30 which mean the increment is 4

    then .. to (( notice that the private iPs are two only first and last unusable )

    so its 2 but you still use four if you change the subnet of the private IPs

  • quickman007quickman007 Posts: 195Member
    Forgot to reply back with my findings. Tested it out and NAT will only hand out the two usable addresses. So you can specify the whole network or just the usable addresses in the pool.
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    Thanks for taking the time to check it and inform us of your finding.
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