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Hello everyone! I've been lurking on here a few months and just want to start off by thanking everyone for posting their pre & post exam experiences. It has been very helpful in getting my bearings straight.

I just took the SSCP today and got hit with the Psychometric Analysis mumbo jumbo. I know it wasn't the CISSP but this sucker was harder than I thought it would be. I prepared for it with the AIO book, the practice exams that came with it and also notes I found on the Internet. I also went over videos on the SSCP on PluralSight.

I consistently scored low to mid 90s in the AIO book as well as on the 2 practice exams. I knew that there would be few curve balls thrown my way since I'm taking the SSCP post-4/15 but I still felt prepared and confident going into the exam. After finishing, I was no longer confident in how it went and was even preparing to get a failing grade. Instead, I got the Psychometric Analysis and now have to wait up 6-weeks. icon_sad.gif

I felt drained even after taking only 125 questions.. I can only imagine how it is for the CISSP. I will certainly prepare for that one differently by taking more practice exams and building stamina.

Anyway, a question I have for all those out there who know about Psychometric Analysis. Do you think the test would have gone for Psychometric Analysis even before I started taking the exam regardless of what I scored or is it only because I was on the borderline of pass/fail and they want to let me know after they have enough of a population of SSCP test takers?

I appreciate any feedback and look forward to great conversations with folks here.

Thanks & Roll Tide!


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    I took the SSCP on May 28th and it was pretty brutal.
    I also received the Psychometric Analysis at the end and the 6 week wait.

    I'm sure its for all that take this test (pass or fail), as the test was just revised.
  • RollTideRollTide Member Posts: 23 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks jenrick. Just being anxious more than I need to be. I'd like to know so I can start preparing for the next exam.
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    I just took the test this and got the same Psychometric Analysis message.
    And yeah, this test was intense.
    Good Luck everyone!
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